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Free Pick Up and Delivery

Free Pick Up and Delivery

No more hassle of going to the cleaners! We will come to you!

Experience Olive Cleaners Free Pick Up and Delivery Service and you will get a little extra time in your jam packed schedule!

If you are not sure how often you need our help, we have on-demand service as well. Just shoot us an email or a call to arrange a delivery.

It’s as simple as 123.

  • 1. Put the items you need cleaned in the water resistant dry cleaning bag we provide, and leave it in an area you prefer (front, side, or back door, garage) on your pick up day.

  • 2. Our driver will come by and pick up the items you left for us. We will send you an email receipt with your order total within a few hours of your order being picked up.

  • 3. We will thoroughly inspect, professionally clean, press, and package your items and return them to you in 4 days.

Your credit card will be charged when we deliver your order back and an invoice will be attached to each order. If you have a question or a special request, just attach a note to your pick up order or contact the driver or store directly.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

It’s really easy. Sign up on our website and choose your preferred pick-up and delivery date. Add any special instructions in the ‘instruction’ box. We’ll bring you an Olive Cleaners water resistant garment bag and a door hanger to use on your first pickup. That’s it.
Sipmly submit the form on the right. You can also send an email or call us at (314) 878-7754 to request a pick up.

Once enrolled, you will be provided with:

  • - One free water resistant dry cleaning bag
  • - One free door hook
  • - Detailed confirmation email after picking up your garments
  • - Detailed invoices on all orders at delivery
  • - We accept credit cards
Your card on file will be automatically charged before the driver comes out for delivery. The transaction will be from ‘Olive Cleaners’. A receipt will be attached to your order and we will also send you an email receipt.
We understand the waiting might be long before you get to see the receipt. That’s why we send you an email receipt with your order total within a few hours of your order being picked up. Now you will know how much the total is before we charge your credit card.
Security is of paramount importance to us. Cardholder data is stored using one of the most advanced encryption methods available. We use multiple encryption keys which are stored on different physical servers. A data thief would not be able to make use of information stolen from a database without also having the key. The data store where cardholder data is kept cannot be connected to via the internet. We make every effort to make sure our process is not only time-efficient, but also safe and secure for our customers.
Yes. We have a $50 monthly total order minimum, which you can reach with any combination of Dry Cleaning, Laundered Shirt, Wash&Fold, and Alterations in a calender month. If your order total is below $50 in a month, there is a $5 delivery fee for each order delivered.
Nope. Not at Olive Cleaners. Now you get to save more money!
We currently provide pickup & delivery service in these zip code: 63146, 63141, 63017, 63043, 63131 and 63124. If you are in the boundary of the zip codes and unsure, shoot us an email or give us a call. We can explore options together!
We currently offer three service times a week.

  • - Tuesday pick-up and deliver back on Saturday;
  • - Thursday pick-up and deliver back on Tuesday;
  • - Saturday pick-up and deliver back on Thursday.
We are working to expand our delivery time and schedule, more information will be available online.
An Olive Cleaners driver will stop by your home between 5pm-9pm on Tuesday and Thursday pickup & delivery. We ask that you put the items out before 5pm for Tuesday and Thursday pickup.

On Saturdays, we will come by between 8am-4pm, and we ask you put the items out before 8am for Saturday pickup.

Again, you don't have to be at home, just leave your packaged garments in the same place or the designated area.
Our standard lead time is 4 days. If we pick up your order on Tuesday, we will deliver it back on Saturday. But we do our best to accommodate your needs. If you need your clothes back more quickly, we have on-demand options that we are happy to arrange delivery time with you. Just give us a call.
We do all of the work on the premises. Every order will be delivered to the Olive Cleaners store (12963 Olive Blvd 63141) and get thoroughly inspected, professionally cleaned, pressed, and packaged to be delivered back to you. We expect to meet you in the store as well!
If your items are not at the designated area during the scheduled pick up time, we will charge a $5 fee. Our driver is paid for every attempt to pick up and deliver your items. However, you can always reschedule or cancel pick up time 1 hour prior to before the scheduled time window. Just shoot us an email or give us a call.
Absolutely! On your sign up form, there is a comment box for notes or instructions for you to enter the information. Instructions can be how to pick up or deliver at your address – ‘call on arrival’, ‘items on the front porch’, ‘pick up from the doorman’ etc.

It can also be how you want your clothes to be taken care of. Put the special care instructions in the order preferences sheets we provide (for your first pick-up, you can write a note). Examples include – ‘collar stay in shirts’, ‘food stain on shirts’, ‘crease on the pants’, and plus any of your alteration needs, such as ‘tighten the button’. We will make every effort to accommodate your need!
We provide order preference notes for you to leave your special care instructions with us. You can leave it with your order. For your first order, you can simply leave a detailed note with your order.
Yes! We fix/tighten buttons, sew the tears, and hem pants. You name it! Just leave detailed notes on your order preference notes and leave it with your order. Your clothes will come back clean and fixed!
We will send you an email on the confirmation of your order with your order receipt within a few hours of your order being picked up.
No. Our customers are busy adults and don’t have time to wait for us. You just pick a designated area that you feel comfortable with and leave your order there to be picked up. It can be your front, side, or back door, porch or patio, garage or any storage area. Just make a comment on that on the sign up form.

When we drop them off, we will put the packaged garments or household items in the same place or the designated area that you prefer. We will provide a door hook that will hold your packaged garments.
You can simply use any type of plastic bags, for example, a large trash bag. Anything will be fine. Just leave them in the designated area with a note and we will handle the rest.
The laundry bag we provide is water resistant. That being said, on rainy days, it’s the best to leave the items underneath a covered area. When we work together to set up the designated area for pick up and drop off, we recommend an area that will work for all types of weather situations.